Skoch Smart City Award 2017

 8th-9th September 2017


Skoch Smart City Award 2017

Skoch Smart City Award is an initiative to recognise and encourage top performing government bodies, organisations and organisations working with the government operating at the city level for developing and upgrading the existing Indian cities to turn them into Smarter Cities. It is a step towards recognising the best practices including existing and emerging models of governance for efficient implementation of programmes and services delivery.

Such organisations and their associates that have demonstrated innovation in governance practices adequately responding to the local conditions in the smart cities concept are invited to send their nominations. The objective is to spur development of Smart Cities in India, learning from cross-pollination of ideas and enhancing the competitiveness while leading to efficient management.


Who Can Nominate ? 

  • Central Government
  • State Government
  • Urban Local Body
  • Municipality
  • City / District Administration
  • Municipality
  • Private Sector
  • Solution Provider
  • Service Provider
  • NGO / Community Based Organisation
  • Others (please specify)....

Skoch Smart City Award 2017 METHODOLOGY IS AS FOLLOWS:

1.Selected nominations may be called for evaluation presentation to the Jury at New Delhi.
2.For each nominaiton only one person is allowed for presentation.
3.After Jury evaluation presentation nominee will get additional chance to increase their score by popular vote through social media (By twitter only, follow @skochsameer to avail this benefit)
4.The voting will be open only for one day (You will be informed after Jury evaluation)
5.This vote will carry a 15% weightage and will be added to your Jury score to arrive at the list of SKOCH Order-of-Merit Awardees.
6.A merit list of Top Organisations to be released in early August
7.Merit Listed organisations will be showcased and will receive Skoch Order-of-Merit awards in New Delhi in September 2017..
8.Finalists will be chosen from among the merit listed organisations. Skoch Smart Governance Awards will be conferred in September during the 49th Skoch Summit at New Delhi.
9.Presence during the evaluation presentation and 49th Skoch Summit is mandatory to qualify for the award.

For more information Call +91 99111 46912