Skoch Swasth Bharat Award 2018

52nd Skoch Summit in March in New Delhi.

 Last Date
15th December 2017

Skoch Swasth Bharat Award 2018


Who Can Nominate ? 

  • Primary Health Care (Central Government, State Government)
  • Secondary Health Care (Central Government, State
    Government, Public Hospitals, District Health Centres,
    Community Health centres, Private Hospitals)
  • Tertiary Health Care (Central Government, State Government,
    Medical Colleges, Advanced Medical Research Institutes)
  • Others



Skoch Swasth Bharat Award 2018 METHODOLOGY IS AS FOLLOWS:

1. Selected nominations will be called for evaluation presentation to the Jury.
2. One unique person per nomination is allowed for presentation.
3. A merit list of Top Organisations to be released in Februrary 2018.
4. Merit Listed organisations will be showcased and will receive SKOCH Order-of-Merit awards in New Delhi in March 2018.
5. Finalists will be chosen from among the merit listed organisations. SKOCH Swasth Bharat Awards will be conferred in March 2018 in New Delhi during the
52nd Skoch Summit at Constitution Club of India, Rafi Marg, New Delhi.
6. Presence during the evaluation presentation and 52nd Skoch Summit is mandatory to qualify for the award.
As a part of the process, an Awards Committee is constituted, which comprises of senior professionals from academia, government, industry and other stakeholders in the area of governance. Initial screening of the project is carried out on the basis of the information sought in the prescribed format. Additional information, if required, would be sought and may be supplemented with Skoch’s own research or the knowledge base of the Awards Committee. Public voting is solicited for wider stakeholder consultation and gets a weightage determined by the Awards Committee depending on the nature of the project. The Awards Committee then deliberates and decides on the awardees. The Committee may also nominate projects in special category that it feels should be in the consideration set.

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