SKOCH Award 2018

 23rd June 2018, Constitution Club of India, New Delhi


Last Date EXTENDED to

10th May 2018


SKOCH Award 2018


Who Can Nominate ? 

  • Central Government
  • State Government
  • Local Body
  • Municipality
  • City / District Administration
  • State Owned Enterprises / Undertakings

SKOCH Award celebrates excellence of governance delivery by domain departments. This includes having sufficient familiarity, capacity and knowledge about the functionality of their systems, processes and outcomes.

Only end-user departments and domain ministries may apply including State undertakings.

Competitive Nominations from System Integrators or Contractors (including Government System Integrators or solution providers) are not accepted.

For e-Governance category, System Integrators are requested to encourage their client-departments to apply for the Awards. System Integrator, which has the highest number of its user departments awarded, will qualify for the SKOCH Special Award



1. SKOCH Order-of-Merit winners qualify to run for the SKOCH Award – the highest Award in the competitive categories.
2. SKOCH Order-of-Merit winners will be entitled to contest for Expert Votes during the 52nd SKOCH Summit on the theme of “State of Governance”. 400 National and international Delegates and Domain Experts are expected to participate and Vote.
3. SKOCH Award is decided on SKOCH Order-of-Merit score + Expert Vote score.
4. This is not a mandatory option, however, without the Expert Vote weightage, Nominees will be competing only on their SKOCH Order-of-Merit score.In the past, there have been instances of Nominees winning if their SKOCH Order-of-Merit score itself was high enough to not need the Expert Vote weightage.
5. Participation in Expert Vote process and Exhibition comes alongwith attractive mainline media PR & Publicity opportunities.
6. All scores are confidential.
7. As per SKOCH Award protocol, in-person participation of the Nominee is mandatory on 23rd June 2018 at New Delhi.
8. SKOCH Award as well as SKOCH Order-of-Merit are neither announced nor conferred in absentia. If the Awardee is not present, the Award is withdrawn. In all cases, the name of the recipient has to be informed well in advance.
9. No Delegate Fee is charged from the Awardee.

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