Rajasthan best performing state under Digital India: SKOCH Report


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5th December 2018

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Rajasthan best performing state under Digital India, SKOCH Report


Rajasthan has used Information and Communication Technology (ICT) extensively to make public service delivery system more efficient, transparent and corruption free. This helped Rajasthan occupy the top spot in ICT category in SKOCH Report on Sectoral Performance of States 2018.

SKOCH Report on Sectoral Performance of States 2018 is a part of the annual SKOCH State of Governance survey.

“Rajasthan has taken some path breaking initiatives in Information and Communication Technology and done commendable work in power and energy sector. Chief Minister Vasundhara Raje has ensured that ICT is being used extensively and systematically across the government level and departments,” said Sameer Kochhar, Chairman of SKOCH Group and author of the report.

“ICT is being used extensively across the level of the government. What is even more important is that most of these initiatives are people-centric,” he added.

Rajasthan, which was categorised as BIMARU state until a decade ago, is today at the forefront of economic advancement, on the back of people-centric e-Governance initiatives and reforms. The state has posted healthy economic expansion in the recent years. Rajasthan’s GSDP at constant (2011-12) prices is estimated to be Rs. 6,41,940 crore in the year 2017-18, posting a growth of 7.16 per cent over the previous year. This is better than the national GDP growth.

SKOCH State of Governance ranking is based on study and evaluation of programmes and projects at different levels from top to bottom across the country. Domain experts evaluate the projects. Extensive field research is done to evaluate the impact of the projects at the grassroots level.

Rajasthan government has introduced digital document manager programme called Raj e-Vault. It is a portal dedicated to provide digital verification platform for official certificates and documents. Anyone with a valid Aadhaar Card can sign up on Raj e-Vault and keep their documents safe. The documents once uploaded can be accessed from anywhere, all one needs to do is to login to the e-Vault account. The documents can be e-signed. This ensures the safety. By integrating advanced information technology, the project has boosted operational efficiency in administration and service delivery.

Another important initiative introduced by Raje government in ICT sector is Raj Net, a multi-mode connectivity network which connects Jaipur with all 9894 Gram Panchayats and 183 municipal areas in Rajasthan. Raj Net facilitates voice, video and data connection, enabling effective delivery of citizen services like Bhamashah, e-Mitra and MNREGS across the state.

Rajasthan is a desert state with of one of the highest solar insolation in the country with availability of large tracts of land parcels, which are unfit for cultivation. To benefit from it, Rajasthan has put in place a robust solar energy policy. Rajasthan is a leader in solar power production. The state has set a target to produce 25 GW of solar energy by 2022. This is one-fourth of the total national goal of 100 GW.

Technology has brought a revolutionary change in monitoring and management of education system. The government has introduced an integrated bilingual system called Shaala Darpan. It captures and updates regularly all the information related to schools, teachers, staff and students of all Secondary Setup Govt. Schools in the state.


About SKOCH Group

SKOCH Group is India’s topmost think-tank for socio-economic issues with a focus on inclusive growth since 1997. Its research is accepted across political spectrum and is used for parliamentary replies as well as policy formulation. SKOCH Group specialises in action research that brings felt-need of the grassroots to the policy table. It has published seven books thus far that are valued as recommended reading. The repertoire of services includes field interventions, consultancy, research reports, impact assessments, policy briefs, books, journals, workshops and conferences. SKOCH Group has instituted India’s highest independent civilian honours in the field of governance, finance, technology, economics and social sector.

About SKOCH State of Governance ranking

SKOCH State of Governance is an annual ranking of the states on governance. The ranking is based on study and evaluation of programmes and projects at different levels from top to bottom across the country. The evaluation is focused on outcomes. There are several other reports and rankings on state of governance. Most of them base their reports and findings on secondary statistics and government reports. SKOCH State of Governance report is unique because it is based on primary data and studies. Outcome-based assessment is done at project level. Ground level impact of the projects is studied and evaluated.

All States and government agencies are free to nominate as many well performing projects and programmes as they have. There is no bar on entries of the number of projects. Project leaders, champions and architects responsible for the rollout and implementation of the shortlisted projects are called for presentations and further evaluation. Domain experts and peers study and evaluate each projects. Extensive field research is also done to evaluate the impact of the projects at the grassroots level.


SKOCH State of Governance ranking and report is based on outcome-based analysis of projects and programmes shortlisted from across the country. It takes note of the incremental improvement made during the year. Projects are shortlisted from entries made by the implementing agencies. This year, around 500 projects from across the country were deeply studied by domain experts. The performance of each project adds to the weight in the ranking of a particular state.

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