Telangana tops in agriculture, municipal governance in SKOCH State of Governance sectoral ranking 2018


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5th December 2018

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Telangana tops in agriculture, municipal governance in SKOCH State of Governance sectoral ranking 2018


India’s ‘youngest state’ Telangana has taken a number of steps to digitalise the government service delivery system from top to bottom. Technology is being used extensively to aid farmers and ensure effective and transparent delivery of social welfare benefits to the marginalised. This helped Telangana emerge as the top performer in agriculture and municipal governance sectors in SKOCH State of Governance sectoral ranking 2018.

Telangana emerged as the top performer in municipal governance dislodging Maharashtra, while in agriculture it beat Haryana to claim the top position.

“Telangana has performed consistently well. It is the number one in municipal governance and agriculture. Interestingly, in municipal governance it has dislodged Maharashtra, which has been at the top for the past several years,” said Sameer Kochhar, Chairman of SKOCH Group and author of the report.

SKOCH State of Governance ranking is based on study and evaluation of programmes and projects at different levels from top to bottom across the country. Domain experts evaluate the projects. Extensive field research is done to evaluate the impact of the projects at the grassroots level.

To address the farmers’ distress, Chief Minister K Chandrashekhar Rao-led government has a unique investment support scheme called “Rythu Bandhu”. Under the scheme a financial support of Rs.4000 per acre per farmer per season is provided. The scheme is aimed to ensure that the farmers do not fall into debt trap. Telangana is predominantly rainfed state and it had one of the highest rate of farmer indebtness in the country. The government scheme has helped lakhs of farmers come of out of the debt trap.

With a view to bring transparency and accountability in the Public Distribution System (PDS), the Department of Consumer Affairs, Food and Civil Supplies, Government of Telangana, has put in place an end-to-end Fair Price Shop (FPS) automation solution on a Build-Own-Operate (BOO) mode.

The man who is responsible spearheading the digitalisation and smart governance initiatives in the state is K. T. Rama Rao, Minister of IT and Industries. The young visionary minister is promoting Telangana as a preferred ICT destination. Rao pushes forward the mantra of 3D – Decentralise, Digitalise and Democratise.

In order to improve the quality and effectiveness of governance, the state has been pushing for decentralisation of administration. As part of digitalisation there is extensive use of information and communication technology in service delivery and the third D is related to democratic style of functioning and decision making.

Municipalities in the state have taken several remarkable steps in the areas of waste management, sanitation and livelihood. Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation has come out with an innovative measure to raise funds for its development projects. The Corporation floated the first tranche of Rs 200 crore in the Bond Market for raising money for implementation and execution of its Strategic Roads Development Project. The Corporation proposes to raise Rs 1000 crore from the Bond Market.

To ensure dignified housing to shelter-less poor people living below the poverty line, Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation has introduced a scheme called ‘The Two Bedroom (2BHK) Housing programme. This programme is unique in the sense that it made a marked difference with the weaker section housing programmes being pursued by the Governments at both Centre and at various states. Unlike the weaker section housing programme, this programme intends to provide a dignified dwelling unit to the beneficiaries with a plinth area of about 560 sft with provision for two bedrooms, one hall, one kitchen and two toilets.

Telangana has taken several path breaking initiatives aimed at making governance far more efficient and transparent. The focus is on strengthening the system at the bottom. Telangana is set to become the first state to provide broadband connection to every household by the end of this year. No other state is close to this.

“These are some of the projects that have brought definitive change in the lives of the common citizen in the state,” remarked Kochhar referring to the projects that helped Telangana gain the top position in the SKOCH State of Governance sectoral ranking.


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About SKOCH State of Governance ranking

SKOCH State of Governance is an annual ranking of the states on governance. The ranking is based on study and evaluation of programmes and projects at different levels from top to bottom across the country. The evaluation is focused on outcomes. There are several other reports and rankings on state of governance. Most of them base their reports and findings on secondary statistics and government reports. SKOCH State of Governance report is unique because it is based on primary data and studies. Outcome-based assessment is done at project level. Ground level impact of the projects is studied and evaluated.

All States and government agencies are free to nominate as many well performing projects and programmes as they have. There is no bar on entries of the number of projects. Project leaders, champions and architects responsible for the rollout and implementation of the shortlisted projects are called for presentations and further evaluation. Domain experts and peers study and evaluate each projects. Extensive field research is also done to evaluate the impact of the projects at the grassroots level.


SKOCH State of Governance ranking and report is based on outcome-based analysis of projects and programmes shortlisted from across the country. It takes note of the incremental improvement made during the year. Projects are shortlisted from entries made by the implementing agencies. This year, around 500 projects from across the country were deeply studied by domain experts. The performance of each project adds to the weight in the ranking of a particular state.

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