Skoch Corporate Citizenship Award 2014

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Last Date: 15th OCTOBER 2014.

India’s most independent and credible civilian honour is back. The Skoch Corporate Citizenship Award salutes the exemplary deployment of best practices adopted by corporate business entities to serve society, the country, and the economy better. If you believe that your company’s actions create a positive impact on the environment, consumers, employees, and communities and are characterized by a demonstrable and outstanding quality of work; then we invite you to apply for the Skoch Corporate Citizenship Award 2014.

The Skoch Corporate Citizenship Award is conferred upon State-Owned, Private, Public, and Multinational Corporations, in India, with a regional, national or international footprint, whose work for society’s welfare is extraordinary.

Corporates, which have made significant contributions in areas such as Health, Education, Community Development, Environmental Conversation, Energy Conservation, Employment Generation, Skill Development and Mainstreaming of the Marginalised without losing sight of their economic objectives, are invited to apply for these awards.


Broad Areas

  • Healthcare
  • Sanitation and Availability of Drinking Water
  • Education & Skill Development
  • Gender Equality
  • Employment Generation
  • Environment & Energy Conservation
  • Energy Conservation
  • Poverty Alleviation
  • Protection of National Heritage
  • Community Development


1. Manufacturing
Capital Goods
Consumer Durables including apparel
Consumer Non-Durables
Health Care and Pharmacueticals

2. Energy

3. Materials/Mining

4. Services
Professional, Scientific and Technical Services
Hospitality, Travel and Leisure
Media & Publishing
Arts, Entertainment and Recreation
Health Care
Infrastructure & Construction
Rental and Leasing Services
Advertising and Publicity
Human Resources
Postal and Courier

5. Trade

6. ICT
Software and Services
Technology Hardware and Equipment
Trade - Wholesale or Retail

7. PSU
State Owned Enterprise



As a part of the process an award committee is formed consisting of professionals from the industry. Additional information, if required, would be sought and may be supplemented with supplemented with Skoch’s own research or the knowledge base of awards committee.Public voting is solicited for wider stakeholder consultation and gets a weightage determined by the awards committee depending on the nature of the initiative. The awards committee then deliberates and decides on the awardees. The committees may also nominate organisations/ initiatives in special categories that it feels should be considered by the Awards Committee depending on the nature or people of the project. The Awards Committee then deliberates and decides on the awardees. The Committee may also nominate projects in special category that it feels should be in the consideration set.

  • Selected applicants may be called for evaluation presentation by the end of October at New Delhi.
  • A merit list of Top National applicants to be released by 31st October 2014.
  • Merit listed applicants to receive Skoch Order of Merit in New Delhi.
  • Finalist will be chosen from among the merit listed applicants. Skoch Renaissances Awards to be conferred on 21st November 2014 in New Delhi.

Terms & Conditions

  • Nominations must reach by 17:00 hours IST, on 15th OCTOBER 2014.
  • Each submission must include: A completed nomination form / Project Information as per the
    enclosed format.
  • Both hard and electronic copies are needed. The hard copies should be duly signed and stamped.
  • Send entries to or in a CD.
    Skoch Consultancy Services Pvt. Ltd.
    A-222, Sushant Lok – 1
    Gurgaon - 122001
    Haryana, India
  • One implementing agency can nominate more than one project.
  • The Awards Committee can also at its discretion nominate projects or people that it feels are deserving and should be under the consideration set.
  • Skoch Consultancy Services and its group companies reserve the right to reproduce submitted materials. These reproductions may be edited to suit the format.
  • Submitted nominations cannot be withdrawn for want of corporate approval/ sanction, retracting submitted information, submitting additional information or any other related cause. Corporate approval/ sanction should be acquired before-hand.
  • Skoch has the approval of checking the authenticity of the provided information by contacting the organization’s CEO, senior manager, IT staff, consultants, suppliers or business partners. The
    provided information and context may or may not be revealed to these parties, depending on the situation.
  • Skoch would retain the right to ask for additional information or clarification from the nominee. Co-operation from the nominee would be highly appreciated.
  • Merit listed projects, as India’s top projects would get a Order-of-Merit certificate on 20th November
    2014. Out of the merit list the final awards would be conferred by an eminent Jury of industry leaders, domain experts, economists and academicians on 21st November 2014.
  • The certificates and awards are conferred in person only and all qualifying nominees would need to personally attend 38th Skoch Summit on 20th and 21st November 2014 at New Delhi.
  • While there is no application fee for the award, a delegate fee of INR 10,000 per delegate or INR 40,000 for five delegates would apply to shortlisted nominees for attending the two day conference.