Department of Information Technology, Government of Jharkhand


When 9/11 terror strikes brought down the twin towers in New York, city authorities had to grapple with the emergency services that were needed to address that. Jharkhand’s e-Rahat is an answer to such unforeseen events. Just by dialing 1967, e-Rahat gets activated for an on-the-spot intervention for any emergency service - be it a Naxalite attack, bomb blast, riot, natural disaster, accident or even sexual harassment. The scheme, that covers the entire state, will be merged with the CCTNS, that will enable all mobile patrol vehicles to respond to any emergency any time.

While citizens feel safe on the one hand there is also relief from long queues for property registration, paying commercial taxes and payment of university fees, on the other. Jharkhand’s online payment gateway system now delivers all such services to citizens at their doorsteps across the state. Between September 2013 and July 2014, the system facilitated 1,94,752 online transactions amounting to Rs 74.34 crore. More than that, it has made the life easier for students, vehicle owners and businessmen.