Press Release

Financial inclusion can only be brought about through literacy
31Oct 2010

Packaged software sales for BFSI segment to cross $305 million in 2007
Mumbai, 5 June 2007

BFSI sector investments in the IT & ITES sector to cross $3.5 billion by 2010
Mumbai, 5 June 2007

Accelerating Financial Inclusion- A skoch Report
Mumbai, 8 June 2006

e-Governance Gathers Momentum- A skoch Report
New Delhi, 17 October 2005

Technology Investments to Grow at 20% CAGR in Banking and Financial Services Industry- Skoch
Mumbai, 16 June 2005

e-Governance key to good governance - A skoch Report
New Delhi, 23 November 2004

IT Market Doing Well - Skoch Report
New Delhi, 26 March 2003

 Skoch Honors IT Leaders with Challengers 2003 Awards
New Delhi, 26 March 2003

Skoch to Hold Global IT Summit in India 
New Delhi, 24 March 2003

Hindrances to growth in SME software exports
New Delhi, 11 November 2002.

IT Security in India to grow 80% - Skoch Study
New Delhi, 20 September 2002

 Software Exports to Rise on SME Strength- Skoch Study
New Delhi, 8 August 2002
China Ahead of India in IT Infrastructure Development: Skoch
New Delhi, 25 April 2001

Indian software stocks had to crash with or without US slowdown: A Skoch report
New Delhi, 18 April 2001

Retail PC Market Grows 108% in 1999; Indian PC Industry rakes in USD 1 Billion as shipments exceed 1 Million
New Delhi, 9 May, 2000

Indian PC market growth falls for two consecutive quarters: Expected to crash to half in the year 2001
New Delhi, 7 March 2001

PC Market Goes Non- Metro - Witnessing Shifts
New Delhi, 1 June, 2000