In the April-September 2019 special, Team INCLUSION looks into the journey of Ayushman Bharat and who it reignited a lifeline for the poor.
Ayushman Bharat: Lifeline of the Poor

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India 2030: A Socio-Economic Paradigm

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“Let us not forget that what that kind of economic planning led us to right till about 40 years after independence was that we were growing by 2- 2½ %. India’s economy and its growth used to be referred to as Hindu rate of growth. So, anybody who was satisfied with that inadequate growth level used to be sarcastically referred to as growing at a Hindu rate.”

Arun Jaitley
Finance Minister

“What the author claims is a monograph is actually a book on the story of economic reforms since 1991. It is perhaps the most detailed contemporary record of the last 25 years of reforms. It is a treasure of information, events and policies pertaining to that period and may verily become an important source of reference for scholars and students of economics.”

P Chidambaram
Former Finance Minister

There is a great dearth of literature on the years of reforms.I think this book fulfils the need to a great extent because the period has been covered very well, each period has been covered separately and all the important events with regard to economic reforms, which happened during this period have been faithfully recorded and it will be a great contribution to the literature on the subject.The book has an honest assessment of the impact of the reforms on our economy.

Yashwant Sinha
Former Finance Minister

The book is a comprehensive account of the reform measures introduced since they were launched in early 1990s. It offers a critical but constructive review of the various steps taken by different administrations and lays the foundation for future reforms. Truly an important guide book for policy makers. Congratulations to Sameer for a lively recapitulation of an exciting saga.

C. Rangarajan
Former RBI Governor

"Modinomics will have to wait till Rajya Sabha changes its composition or behaviour." read more

Baijayant 'Jay' Panda
23 December 2015
The Times of India

"This is a compelling narrative of the history of the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE), an institution whose evolution has mirrored that of the Indian economy. The BSE's transformation in recent years holds important lessons for corporate India on how to be agile, embrace change, and stay relevant."

Cyrus P Mistry
Chairman Tata Sons Limited

I appreciate your thoughtfulness and am grateful for your work studying India’s government and economy.

Hillary Rodham Clinton

Our two countries share good and intense relations and therefore benefit from each other’s strength and dynamism. We follow with great interest the transformations that have been taking place in India in recent years and in particular reforms leading to economic development which is inclusive and sustainable.

Didier Burkhalter
President, Swiss Confederation

I must say that you have addressed a subject which is gaining understanding and popularity across the country ever since the people of India gave the BJP a historic mandate under the visionary leadership of Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi.

Retd. General V K SINGH
MINISTER of STATE for External Affairs & Overseas Indian Affairs and Minister of State(IC) for DONER

Thank you very much for the book you have sent me.

Helle Thorning-Schmidt
Prime Minister of Denmark

Sound economy and the inclusive growth are the most important aspects for bright future of India. India prevailed in the past and shall prevail in future as the craving nation for the growth.....

Narendra Modi

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