India 2.0

Making federalism work
Education, roads, tourism and energy
Tax funded health services and clean drinking water
Re-architecting social sector schemes
Internal, external and cyber security
Revive or disinvest from state-owned enterprises
Redefining role of planning
Big data and analytics
Identity integration
Social media
Public safety
Changing mindsets, how you work, where you work
Bringing industry and global experiences to bear
Goods and services tax
Financial inclusion and deepening
Infrastructure finance
Creation of a domestic debt market
Take-out financing facilitation from foreign pension funds through a special window part covering rupee depreciation risk
Incremental capital to growth ratio <= 4:1
Stable policy environment on taxes and tranfer pricing
Redefining priority sector lending to make it job generative-include infrastructure, MSME, tourism and affordable housing
Rural and agricultural revival
Sustainable development
Restructuring social sector
Livelihood linked skill development
Sorting out land acquisitions
Smart Cities
Cities as engines of growth
100 new smart cities
Municipal governance
Municipal finances
Waste & water management
Urban services delivery
Urban renewal
Public safety and security