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Who Can Nominate?

  • Public Sector Bank
  • Private Sector Bank
  • MNC Bank
  • Investment Bank
  • Payments Bank
  • Small Finance Bank
  • Others (please specify)....

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Terms and Conditions
• Nomination must reach by 17:00 hrs, IST on 3rd May 2017

• Early Bird Benefit: Nominations received by 20th April 2017 will get 5 additional point.

• Each submission must include: A completed nomination form / Project Information as per the enclosed format.

• Both hard and electronic copies (submitted via website) are needed. The hard copies should be duly signed and stamped.

• States from large number of nominations received may be considered for conducting of evaluation roundtable at state level.
Send entries to or in a CD at:
Skoch Consultancy Services Pvt. Ltd.
A -222, Sushant Lok – 1, Gurgaon - 122001
H aryana, India
T el: +91-124-4777444

• One implementing agency can nominate more than one project./ nomination.

• The Awards Committee can also at its discretion nominate projects or people that it feels are deserving and should be under the consideration set.

• Skoch Consultancy Services and its group companies reserve the right to reproduce submitted materials. These reproductions may be edited to suit the format.

• Submitted nominations cannot be withdrawn for want of Organisation approval/ sanction,retracting submitted information, submitting additional information or any other related cause. Organisation approval/ sanction should be acquired before-hand.

• Skoch has the approval of checking the authenticity of the provided information by contacting the organization’s head, senior manager, IT staff, consultants, suppliers or business partners. The provided information and context may or may not be revealed to these parties, depending on the situation.

• Skoch would retain the right to ask for additional information or clarification from the nominee. Cooperation from the nominee would be highly appreciated.

• All Early Bird Entries get additional 5 mark to the Jury Evaluation, which independently assesses nominations. Since Peer Evaluation is integral to the Skoch Awards, maximum of 5 point of total score obtained by each nomination in Peer Review is added to the Jury score. All Jury ratings are done on an absolute basis with a cap of 100 Point that can be scored by any Nomination.

• Top performing nomination that can contribute to best practices will be conferred Skoch Order-of-Merit Award on 9th June 2017. Amongst Skoch Order-of-Merit recipients the awards with highest national ranking would be conferred SKOCH Banking & Finance Leadership Award, on 10th June 2017.

• The certificates and awards are conferred in person only and all qualifying nominees would need to personally attend 48th Skoch Summit on 9th - 10th June 2017 in Mumbai.

• No Delegate fee for one awardee, for everyone else a delegate fee of INR 10,000 per delegate or INR 40,000 for five delegates would apply for attending the two day conference.

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