Skoch Smart Governance Award 2015

Skoch Smart Governance Award 2015, 22nd-23rd September 2015, India Habitat Centre, New Delhi

Skoch Smart Governance Award is an initiative recognising top performing government organisations and organisations working with the government, operating at local, state and national level in the area of Health, Education, Rural Development/Panchayati Raj, Urban Development, Finance, and Security. It is a step towards recognising the best practices and models of governance for excellent and efficient implementation of programmes and services delivery.

Organisations offering best governance practices in an ecologically and socio-culturally sustainable way are requested to send their nominations. The organisations should demonstrate innovation in its governance practices adequately responding to local conditions. The governance model should be conducive for effective decisionmaking, problem solving, disputes and conflict management, and actively produce measurable results in addressing key felt-needs and challenges. The organisation’s governance practices should also have the ability to adapt to future challenges and changing circumstances.


Who Can Nominate ? 

  • Central Government
  • State Governments
  • Financial institutions
  • Urban Local Bodies / Panchayati Raj Institutions
  • Municipalities
  • Cities


• Governance • e-Governance • Infrastructure • Mobility & Transportation • Social Sector • Water & Waste Management • Electricity • Reforms • Service Delivery • Finances • Policing & Public Safety • GDP • Fiscal Performance • Labour Reforms • Land Reforms • De-Centralisation • GST Readiness • Agriculture • Industry • Rural Development • Services • Knowledge-based Industries • MSMEs • Infrastructure • Power • Transportation • Education • Health • Women & Child Development • SC/ST • Disability • Minorities including sexual minorities • Public safety & Security • Job Creation • Skill Development • Environment & Sustainability • Food Safety • PDS • Services Delivery • Grievance Redressal • Service Level Agreement/Act • Move to Cloud & Mobility • e-Payments • Ease of Doing Business • Transparency • Public Procurement



As a part of the process, an Awards Committee is constituted, which comprises of senior professionals from academia, government, industry and other stakeholders in the area of governance. Initial screening of the project is carried out on the basis of the information sought in the prescribed format. Additional information, if required, would be sought and may be supplemented with Skoch’s own research or the knowledge base of the Awards Committee. Public voting is solicited for wider stakeholder consultation and gets a weightage determined by the Awards Committee depending on the nature of the project. The Awards Committee then deliberates and decides on the awardees. The Committee may also nominate projects in special category that it feels should be in the consideration set.

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