Skoch Smart Governance Awards 2014


Who Can Nominate ?

  • Central Government
  • State Government
  • Local Government
  • Muncipalities
  • System Integrator or Technology Provider
  • Academician/Domain Expert
  • Other Government Organisations (e.g. Health, Education etc.)

Skoch Smart Governance Award is an initiative recognising top performing government organisations and organisations working with the government, operating at local, state and national level in the area of Health, Education, Rural Development/Panchayati Raj, Urban Development, Finance, and Security. It is a step towards recognising the best practices and models of governance for excellent and efficient implementation of programmes and services delivery.

Those organisations, which operate at a local, state or national level using efficient and sustainable governance practices can be considered for this Award. Organisations offering best governance practices in an ecologically and socioculturally sustainable way are requested to send their nominations. The organisations should demonstrate innovation in its governance practices adequately responding to local conditions. The governance model should be conducive for effective decision-making, problem solving, disputes and conflict management, and actively produce measurable results in addressing key felt-needs and challenges. The organisation’s governance practices also should have the ability to adapt to future challenges and changing circumstances.



• Governance • e-Governance • Urban Planning • Infrastructure Development • Slum Rehabilitation • Housing • Education • Power • Health • Transportation • Police and Safety • Water • Waste Water and Sanitation • Solid Waste Management • Environment • Finance, Fiscal and Tax Management • Economy and Livelihood • Disaster Management/ Emergency Services • Civic Engagement • Public and Private Participation • Social Equity ( eg: Programs for SC/ST, Tribal, Women, Minority Welfare) • Technology and Innovation • Others


Skoch Smart Governance Awards 2014 methodology is as follows:

  1. Selected Projects will be called for evaluation presentation between 20th and 23th August 2014 or later at New Delhi.
  2. A merit list of Top National Projects will be released by 5th September 2014.
  3. Merit listed projects will be showcased and will receive Skoch Order-of-Merit certificates in New Delhi on 19th September 2014.
  4. Finalists will be chosen from among the merit listed projects. Skoch Smart Governance Awards to be conferred on 20th September 2014 in New Delhi.
  5. Attendance during the evaluation presentation and 37th Skoch Summit is desired to qualify for the Award.